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Ryzen 9 5950X,128GB RAM, 2T SSD, PCIe 16x, Global CDN, Rest API.

EdgePOD is a 1U server at an extremely low price, that can be deployed as your own edge at home or office, everywhere in the world.  It contains re6st token and SlapOS node token to connect to Rapid.Space vOSS or OSS/BSS. With PCIe interface, it can also be deployed as a private edge baseband unit (BBU) for 4G/5G. 

300W, 100-240V, 6-3A, 60-50Hz

Dimension: 42.5x29.2x4.5cm, Weight: 4.4kg

The EdgePOD "Edge Cloud" mode provides an alternative solution to try EdgePOD products and services at a cost-efficient price. By choosing this product, you will receive a plug-and-play EdgePOD and 24 months of usage access as end user. 

Important notices:
* A one-off payment of 888 setup + 88€/month x 24 months access is requested at the validation of the order. 
* The EdgePOD should be returned at its original state when 24 months commitment is reached, or you can order extra months' access based on customized needs.


仓库: 欧洲(法国)或中国

Rapid.Space 提供的交货方式: 

  • 仓库自提(免费)
  • 欧洲 (UPS: 200 €)
  • 全球 (UPS: 200 €)


  • Nexedi 里尔, 法国
  • Nexedi 巴黎,法国
  • Nexedi 戴高乐机场, 法国 

欧洲 (UPS 标准:200 €)

订单付款确认后,通常会在48小时内发货。 您通常会在2-4个工作日内收到。

全球 (UPS 标准:200 €)

订单付款确认后,通常会在48小时内发货。 您通常会在5到10个工作日内收到。



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