Lopcomm RU LTE 4T4R 4x5W
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ORAN Remote Radio Unit (ORU-37-Q7-LN-64F-D-01)
The ORU-37-Q7-LN-64F-D-01 is an outdoor remote radio unit. It is the radio frequency (RF) part of a distributed base station and can be located near antennas.
Adopting an innovative design, ORU-37-Q7-LN-64F-D-01 is able to work in 4 TX and 4 RX mode and therefore supports higher output power and larger carrier capacity.
B7 (4x4 MIMO)  Uplink 2500 - 2570 MHz, Downlink 2620 - 2690 MHz.
Operation bandwidth 40 MHz
RF Output Power: 4x5W
ORAN Split option: Split option 7-2x; using a custom version of the Lopcomm firmware will support CPRI Split 8.
Quantity of SFP ports for Front: 2
Data rate of Front Haul: Max.10.137Gbps
Noise Figure(typical): 1.86dB
Power Consumption: 215W@10% load;315W@30% load;383W@50% load;504W@100% load
3GPP Compliant: 3GPP TS36.104, TS36.141, TS38.104,TS38.141

400x330x100(mm), 15kg

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